I Started a Blog….What Now?

Being that this is the first post I think I need to knock all of the boring details out of the way so we can move along and get to the fun stuff.  First things first, my name is CJ (it really isn’t), I am currently in-between jobs, got bored and figured I might as […]

Who likes a good scam?

I was messing around on twitter today and I came across a thread with the title “What is the biggest everyday scam that people put up with” and it reminded me of a funny situation from years ago. I was living in what was essentially a frat house at the time although we were all […]

Whats in a name? Brokeonrecord

One more boring one to knock out.  Where did the name Broke On Record come from? As we established before I am currently unemployed and in a bit of debt and this will be my journey getting out of that situation and turning things around.  I also mentioned that the State of New York has […]